"More Than 45 years of Friendship with Crows."
Navin Khanna
(Crow Friend)
Navin Khanna, M.A and First Class Mining Engineer, Writer and renowned Ornithologist, studying behavior of common wild crow since 1969, lead coverage given to this by Limca Record Book, under the chapter Nature(Bird) 2002. Amateur Archaeologist, discovered ancient inscriptions in Deoli, Delhi and also brought to light many rare books pertaining to Indian culture. Was born in 1945, Ferozerpur (Punjab).

His prominent works are:

(i) 'Prachin Misr Mein Bhartiya Sanskriti' (The book on Indian Culture in Ancient Egypt).

(ii) 'Adhura Mahapurush', Poetry (The book attempts to provide solutions to psychosomatic and to artifical intelligence).

(iii) 'Rang Aur Aap' (On all the aspects of choice of colours).

(iv) 'Jis Din Veh Ek-Hongey'- Novel (The book dealing with Naxalite problem).

(v) 'Galatfehmi', anecdotes of day to day life.

(vi) 'Phoolmani ki Dastan Tatha Anya Kahaniyan', (Story Book).

(vii) Indian Mythology through the Art and Miniatures.
And a book about my more than 45 years experience with the crows, containing the following chapters...

How the friendship with the crows grew.
Language of the crow.
Thief in crow’s nest.
How to identify the individual crow.
Do the crows have a single eye.
Can the crows predict the future.
Do the crows respond to their individual name.
The relation of the crows with their kith & kin and Neighbours.
Why the crows leave their nest – their family problems.
The laughing moments with the crows.
The favourite food of crows.
The favourite colour choice of crows.
The handicap crows are more vigorous.
The favourite games which crows play.
And many other experiences.

Book yet to be published.
Creating awareness about the ill effects of tobacco use. Wide coverage given to his efforts by world media like Reuters, Sky News etc. Awarded citizen journalist award by CNN-IBN. The award was given by Anna Hazare.