"More Than 45 years of Friendship with Crows."
I, Navin Khanna, S/o M.L Khanna, have been intimately interacting with crows and have been studying their behaviour for the past 45 years.

This friendship was given lead coverage under the heading 'Nature' by Limca Book of Records in 2002. Here are the excerpts from the 'Limca Book of Records' 1995, 2002 and 2009 and other media and also a film made on this by channel 'Nine' Australia.

"Navin Khanna's relationship with these highly intelligent birds goes back to 45 years. In these years he has not only developed a special bond with them but also made some remarkable observations. Currently he has 29 crow friends and each one has been given a special name that reflects the character of the bird. Navin calls out "Kauva, Kauva, they respond and come flying to his terrace or the district park. Once they arrive, while some literally eat out of his hand, others hold a couple of playing cards in their beaks and proceed to have an informal game with Khanna.

Khanna continues his association with crows and they with him, signifying a trust which is rare."

I was born in 1945 in Ferozepur (Punjab). My wife's name is Sunila. I have one son Saurabh and one daughter Shambhavi. The knack of friendship with crows is continuing with the third generation as well, with my grandson Shaurya and Yuvan.