"More Than 45 years of Friendship with Crows."
1. Meteorology

(a) Although prediction of earthquake through changed animal behaviour is a well known phenomenon, what exactly transpires in their behaviour is rarely listed anywhere.

According to great Indian epic Mahabharata, 'A crow can fly in one hundred manners’. During my long interaction with crows, I have been able to recognize a number of its flying patterns that had forecast earthquakes, not only in terms of time, but also magnitude and direction from the observation point.

Here are excerpts from a letter written by Director (seismology), India, to me – "You have claimed to have predicted earthquakes of January 97, May 97, March 99 and February 2001 with reasonable certainty. You have also claimed that vibrations were felt through crows on 27/02/01 at about 9 AM in the direction NW/SE which you have related with an earthquake on 28/2/01."

(I had informed the Indian Meteorological Department a day ahead of the earthquake i.e., on 27/02/01 by Registered Post)

(b) The crows can forecast the weather, Monsoons etc with much certainty. I have records with me regarding their capability to forecast weather.

2. Environment

I have been invited by eminent institutions and environmentalists to generate mass awareness of protection of environment.

3. Psychology

(a) How the sense of 'self' is contained in every living being can be judged from an interesting observations of crows. Some crows carry a distinct card or coloured paper lying in the park in their beaks, which becomes their identity. They keep the card close to them and pick it up from time to time, just as humans use their visiting card.

(b) Conducting Luscher's color test on crows reveals that each crow has a different personality. In this test, various coloured cards are placed in front of a crow and it chooses its favourite color. More than hundred such tests were conducted on a single crow and 'Green' was found to be its favourite color. It would be of great interest to the scientists and scholars of philosophy and humanities that crows color choice matches with that of a human being!

4. The world of crows not very secret now

The scientists while describing the behavioural aspects of crows conclude with the remark – 'Very little is known about this most common bird'.

With more than 40 years of my intimate interaction with the crows, the world of crows has not remained so secret.

5. The whole universe is a single entity

The whole universe is a single entity and the ancient sages wished welfare of every thing that God has created which is evident from the "Shanti Paath"
Shanti Paath (Prayer for Peace)
May there be peace in Heaven
Peace in the Atmosphere or Universe
May there be peace on Earth
Peace across the waters
May peace flow from herbs, plants and trees
May all the celestial beings pervade peace
May peace pervade all quarters
May that peace come to me too